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The value of a positive recommendation

The value of a positive recommendation

valueofpositiveAmazing how quickly summer has passed. Butterfly Hollow has been busy the past few months hosting beautiful wedding ceremonies and guests from around the globe (yes we have had a few international guests this year).

As we continue to accept bed and breakfast guests and perform wedding ceremonies the value of our past guests referrals and recommendations play a vital role in our business model. Several guests have written in our guestbook expressing their appreciation for what the Hollow has to offer. A few have sent personalized notes and others posted comments on TripAdvisor or Facebook. Beth Ann and I read each comment and are humbled by the expressions of gratitude.

Thousands of recommendations are given each day. And with the growth of social media those recommendations come in the form of “Likes”, “Tweets”, and “Hearts”. We have all felt at some point what a positive recommendation or comment does. You are instantly inclined to try the new restaurant, movie, or smartphone just because someone you trust has vouched for it. As a small business owner we appreciate what these recommendations do for our business and grateful to those who have done this in the past.

Recently we were recognized as a Tennessee Top 20 weekend getaway and a Top 10 best place to elope on Wheretoelope.com. It was through positive comments, recommendations, and a lot of hard work that allowed us to receive these recognition’s. I recently read that 68% of people trust opinions they read online making it the third most trusted source for product or service information. I was blown away so many people trust what they read.

For this reason, I submit a challenge to those who have stayed with us or those who have been married at Butterfly Hollow. If you have never posted a review on social media now is your chance. Go to any of the following websites and share your positive experience so the 68% who trust what they read online can visit Butterfly Hollow or get married with confidence. Our most frequented websites are: Facebook, TripAdvisor, Mywedding.com, TheKnot.com, bedandbreakfast.com, or any other social media you frequent. We will be grateful for your comments.


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