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Danielle Bradbery films “The Heart of Dixie” in Butterfly Hollow

Danielle Bradbery films “The Heart of Dixie” in Butterfly Hollow

Danielle Bradbery films “The Heart of Dixie” in Butterfly Hollow
If you are familiar with NBC’s music talent show called The Voice, then you will most certainly recognize the name Danielle Bradbery. She is the talented, young winner from season four who was coached by Grammy nominated, music vocalist of the year, Blake Shelton. When Danielle’s record company sent out a search party to find a hidden, remote, retreat to film the video for her first single – “Heart of Dixie” … guess where they came?

Danielle_bradbery_music_videoOne morning this summer the little winding country lane that leads to Butterfly Hollow suddenly became congested with cars, people, trucks, vans, old cars on trailers, camera crews, hair and makeup artists, actors, directors, producers, assistants and of course, Danielle Bradbery along with her sister Monica and best friend Haley. They spent the entire day and night in the hollow filming the music video for “the Heart of Dixie”. The director, Shane Drake was able to capture some of the most beautiful elements of this magical place in a way that often can only be felt and not seen.

We are honored to have Butterfly Hollow as the backdrop to “The Heart of Dixie”.

Behind The Scenes

Official Video

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