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Marriage License

Marriage License Information


Tennessee marriage license laws are simple and affordable for potential bridal couples from any state. You may obtain a marriage license at any county clerk’s office in Tennessee. The Smith County Clerk’s office is just ten minutes from Butterfly Hollow. Most of the state’s County Clerk’s offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 5:00pm, though you should call the clerk’s office that you are planning to use and confirm hours and directions.

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RingsMarriage Laws:

• Tennessee Law requires both bridal party members to be 18 years old.

• Both individuals must have either a valid driver’s license, passport or birth certificate. If your Social Security number is not printed on your driver’s license you will need to bring a Social Security card with you.

• If you are not a United States citizen, you must present a valid passport.

• If you have been married before you will also need the month and year of your divorce, or the date of your deceased spouse’s death. If one individual (bride or partner) had a name change in her divorce and has not had her name changed on her driver’s license, she will need to provide a certified copy of her divorce decree.

• There is no waiting period or blood test needed. You may get married the same day your license is issued and you may obtain your license up to 30 days prior to your wedding, however the license is only valid for 30 days. Both parties must be present to obtain a license.

• Marriage licenses range from $90-$110 and several clerk offices only accept cash. If you are traveling through East Tennessee on your way to Butterfly Hollow, you can save a little money by stopping in Sevier County to get your license. Since there are so many high volume wedding chapels in the Smokies, the county gives a discount for non-residents. The discount may be up to $60.

Save time and start the marriage license process online
The marriage license application process can be very time consuming. However, filling out your personal information online will allow the County Clerk to process your application more efficiently, which will save you a considerable amount of time. Also, the information entered will be forwarded directly to the appropriate County Clerk’s office, further adding to the efficiency of the application process. You will need to use your marriage license within thirty days of the date issued.

Select the TN county you will pick up your marriage license at and then click on the marriage application link. CLICK HERE to get started.